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Ms. Harkin is well traveled and has visited most of the world solo: Although this sounds very exciting and daring….Allana was for the most part scared, lonely and hungry. In retrospect she kind of wishes she blew the money on an over the top spa weekend in Banff and a ticket to see Oprah.

Years later Allana eventually made it to the Oprah show where she was asked to be a “taste tester” on a segment featuring the dynamic cooking of Oprah’s ex-chef Rosie. When Oprah sauntered in her direction Allana started shoving the chicken in her mouth and sweating. As Oprah rested her left breast on Allana’s shoulder and asked how she was, Allana yelled, yes yelled, "I LOVE THE CHICKEN".**

Moments later Allana discovered that they were on commercial break and could have taken this opportunity for some “one on one” time with Oprah. Fortunately Allana is a really together person and hasn’t relived this moment over and over and over again.

**The chicken tasted like it was made the day before by a street vendor whose barbeque had run out of fuel and so instead cooked it on the engine of an old lead truck.