Welcome to my website! Here you will find things about me that I am too embarrassed to tell you in person.

I would suggest a ripe cheese for the Bio section, a chilled glass of milk for the writing section and a stiff drink for my Blog. Perhaps sometime we can meet around the photo section and have a coffee.

For starters, this website is new so welcome! I will keep this site updated with all new projects so youíll never be far from knowing what Iím currently obsessing over.

The summer was a busy one! So many great projects shooting in Toronto and many hilarious new scripts written by women. A new project of mine has been optioned by wonderful production house in Toronto so as usual: fingers crossed.

My play :Real Estate: had an American Premiere in North Carolina and thankfully, it was a big hit. Check out the review here.

Also I continue playing Melissa Jessica Henderson on the series "Dino Dan" that will air this January.

I promise to keep my blog updated so please check it out!