Real Estate


Joel, a mystery novelist experiencing writer’s block, retreats to the family home that his father built; but the house needs to be sold, and fast. Enter Emma, an incredibly determined realtor, who decides that joel is as much of a “fixer-upper” as the house he lives in. With the addition of Joel’s soon-to-be-ex looking to get divorce papers signed and her “man purse”- toting beauty entrepreneur boyfriend in tow, Emma focuses all her considerable energy into developing the curb appeal of the house – as well as its inhabitant. The comedy is sure, the characters well drawn, and the circumstances? Hilarious.


Production History for Real Estate:

  • Theatre Collingwood
  • Theatre Aquarius
  • Centaur Theatre
  • Thousand Islands Playhouse
  • Magnus Theatre
  • Howick Little Theatre, New Zealand
  • The Grand Theatre, London

Published by Playwright’s Canada Press, 2007

Read a scene selection in pdf by clicking here.


Selected Reviews for Real Estate

"Allana Harkin's first-ever comedy is not only a very funny play, it's a touching slice of life.”
-Hamilton Spectator

"Harkin has a fine ear for dialogue. Her characters weave through the play with a kind of restless innocence. Before the final curtain, when a lot of truths get told, we discover we love them all."
-Hamilton Spectator

Set in the fictional area of Clover Lake, Real Estate features a real estate agent so perky, so wacky, so full of good intentions, that she deserves a sequel, if not a series, based on her delightful character."
-View Magazine

“Instead of the traditional “For Sale” sign this Real Estate posts a “Too See” sign.”
-CH Entertainment

“A delightful Play”

“REAL ESTATE has more substance than many comedies. Playwright Harkin has written interesting characters and some nice tender moments into the script. There are even some unexpected plot twists in Act II that add to the humanity of the characters. This play is an auspicious beginning for a summer season.”
-NCPR Radio